Notable Talks at LCA 2019

It’s the beginning of 2019 and it’s time of the year again for LCA 🙂 – Linux Conference Australia.

The original conference started to focus on discussion around Linux, however nowadays it also include talks on open source software movement and even just general engineering culture topics.

Me and my co-worker Andrew had the opportunity to go LCA 2018 at Sydney. At that time, I was contemplating to use my Learnosity training budget on LCA or those usual web development conferences, such Yow! or Web Directions. It was its the timing that made me ends up choosing LCA, it didn’t disappoint at all and I’m glad that I picked LCA as it offers more varied interesting talks and ideas outside web development topics.

This year, the LCA 2019 is held at Christchurch, NZ. Me and my co-worker Andrew got the opportunities to go again for the second time. The conference runs 5 days. I missed the first day as I was actually on leave and just got back from my flight overseas on the flight to NZ. We had our nights at a very nice AirBnb and had enjoyed our way throughout the week.

Interesting Talks

So these are my highly curated notable talks at LCA 2019 through the eye of a web developer that’s in my opinion is a must watch.

The Tragedy of systemd

The famous controversial talk by Benno. Of course.

Personal Branding for the Security Conscious

Design for Security

Web Security 2019

Database as a Filesystem

How to Disappear Completely

See the rest of talks:

LCA 2020

Penguin Professional Dinner LCA 2019

I know. Baby steps… 🙂

I’m really looking forward for to be in Gold Coast next year! Watch this space:

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